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We have a team of experts who handle designing, editing, printing and publishing by using digital, offset and screen printing technology. Though the products manufactured in the category are endless, still some of them are mentioned here:

  1. Books, leaflets, brochures, etc.
  2. Bills, invoice, challans, money receipt, etc.
  3. Desk Calendars, Invitation Cards, Business Cards.
  4. Sublimation printing on T-shirts, Cups, Tiles, etc.
  5. Screen printing on various materials including non-woven bags.

Several printing technologies are adopted at Lelo Media as per requirement. These are:

  1. Web offset printing: For quantity of orders like newsprint printing, web offset is used.
  2. Sheet fed offset printing: For 1000-10000 numbers of colour or black printing jobs, sheet fed offset printing is used.
  3. Digital printing: For small orders of less than 200-300, numbers digital printing technology is adopted.
  4. Screen printing: For printing on different materials other than paper, for e.g. cardboard, non-woven bags, cloth, etc., screen printing technology is adopted.
  5. Sublimation printing: For printing on ceramic tiles, T-shirts, cups, etc., sublimation printing is adopted.

We are fully equipped to carry out all types of printing tasks. The unit is also furnished with post-press finishing machinery like binders, cutter, etc. to provide finished products in different sizes.